The majority of businesses whose clients have finance needs, only have loose finance referral arrangements in place. The principals of AnnexGroup understand that neither a business nor its client are best serviced in this manner. We therefore created a system within which this vital area is properly and professionally addressed.

We are now able to deliver an enormous amount of value to our real estate and accounting partners and their respective clients through the partnership we have in place with Mortgage Advice Bureau, the UK’s largest mortgage broking business and also its only publicly listed one.  The systems we have in place ensure that our brokers will be at the forefront of technology which will given them the time to focus only on the client aspect of the mortgage journey and not the mountain of work that goes behind this. Our partners and their clients will benefit from this in that our brokers product knowledge and client focus will always be their driver, ensuring the best outcome.

With the introduction of the National Consumer & Credit Protection Act and the ever present opportunity to build a business servicing your clients’ finance needs, AnnexGroup designed & built an out-of-the-box solution for the accounting and real estate industries.  AnnexGroup’s joint venture finance businesses are structured to ensure reputable finance arms in our clients businesses are created, whilst generating an additional and highly profitable revenue stream for our partner companies.


Accounting Firms


Real Estate Agencies